Our Beliefs

About Us

HAO supports young adults with a disability – or those who have been labelled as having a disability – to leave institutions, move into homes in the community and lead full, active lives.

HAO provides an opportunity to attend school, complete courses, gain the education and skills that were unavailable to them whilst living in such institutions and thereafter find employment.

Our Beliefs

HAO believes:

  • in the ability of a society/community to be self-sufficient in the provision of services for people with disabilities when they are provided with appropriate support and training.
  • in respecting a community’s own unique context no matter how different from our own.
  • that the community at large is responsible for the full integration of its members with disability into society.
  • that the effectiveness of the organisation depends on realising the potential of its paid staff and volunteer workers.
  • in its independence as an N.G.O.
  • in equity, equal rights and respect for diversity.
  • in dignity, hope and choice for people with disability.
  • in fairness, efficiency and accountability in all of the organisation’s activities and collaborations.